About Us

No Bones opened its doors in April 2018 with a mission to change the way people think about vegan food and now after the past few years, we want to do better for our community and planet.

We are striving to become 100% carbon neutral and to make sure we’re using as much Australian made and grown produce and products as we can, to reduce our environmental impact. We’re building connections with local farmers too to ensure we are providing the freshest produce, grown in the most regenerative way.


With each menu change our Executive Chef, Ben Streater, takes time and care to ensure he creates a well balanced menu. We have a select few plant based meat alternatives, but mostly we strive to celebrate vegetables, fruits, natives and fresh greens.

As you probably already know a plant based diet goes a long way towards fighting climate change and every meal counts.

You’ll notice that our wines and beers are all Australian for the same reason and we are on a mission to phase out most international spirits and replace them with Australian made instead.

Join us on our expedition to save the Earth one Brussel Sprout at time.

Want to be part of the team and join us on our mission?